Friday, February 22, 2008

Snip Snip, ha ha.

And it's done. After talking for years about getting a vasectomy, I finally put my money where my, uh, balls are. It was a very quick and relatively painless procedure; fifteen minutes in a chair with a little Novocaine. While it was going on, the doctor tried to keep me distracted with some jokes. This was a little unnerving, as he was getting a little too excited in the telling, and I kept expecting him to get all gesticulate-y in the telling. Not so funny when he literally has you by the balls. The one joke he told that I remember:

Guy goes to his surgeon and says he wants to be castrated. After much back and forth he finally convinces the surgeon to do it, saying it's something he always wanted, and wishes he had had done as a child. So after it's done he's in the recovery room, where he strikes up a conversation with another patient: "What did you have done?" The other patient says "circumcision." First guy says "THAT's the word."


Now I get to ice my sac.

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Courtney said...

You're totally awesome. That's all.